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Why research-based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme?

Research-based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme is ultimately aiming at producing reliable and valid documentation and understanding of processes and outcomes of the programme and of the activities supported through the programme.

The main objectives are to contribute to quality assurance and quality development of the implementation of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme, to contribute to evidence-based and research-informed youth policy development and to develop a better understanding about processes and outcomes of non-formal education activities, in particular in the youth field.

Specific objectives with respect to research are:

  • to study the effects and the impact (short-term and long-term) of Erasmus+: Youth in Action projects on the actors involved – at the individual level (young people, youth workers, project leaders), at the systematic level (youth groups, organizations, bodies, local project environments, communities, youth structures, youth work, youth policy), and at a collective level (larger public);
  • to study educational and learning approaches, methods, and processes applied in Erasmus+: Youth in Action projects, in particular with respect to their effectiveness in stimulating and supporting learning processes;
  • to study the implementation of Erasmus+: Youth in Action projects, in particular in view of the profile of project participants, project leaders, and organizations involved, as well as with respect to project methodologies and project Management;
  • to explore the special qualities of Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme;
  • to study other aspects related to youth work in Europe as considered to be relevant by the RAY Network.

In this respect, RAY aims to develop an exchange with researchers, research institutions, and research networks involved in youth research, as well as in research on learning mobility and on non-formal education/ learning, in particular with an international dimension.