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This is our RAY Network

31 National Agencies of Erasmus+:Youth in Action Programme from different countries and their research partners represent the self-governed European research network ‘Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of Erasmus+: Youth in Action’ (‘RAY Network’). It was founded on the initiative of the Austrian National Agency of the Erasmus+:Youth in Action, in particular by its consortium partners Interkulturelles Zentrum and the Institute of Educational Science of the University of Innsbruck, in order to develop joint transnational research activities related to the Youth in Action Programme. The main objectives are:

  • to contribute to quality assurance and quality development in the implementation of the Erasmus+:Youth in Action Programme;
  • to contribute to evidence-based and research-informed youth policy development;
  • to contribute to the recognition of non-formal education and learning in the youth field, in particular in the context of international youth work and learning mobility;
  • to promote dialogue between research, policy and practice in the youth field.

A first network meeting took place in Austria in June 2008 during the Programme ‘Youth in Action’ (2007-2013). Since then, network meetings have taken place twice a year for the purpose of developing and coordinating the network’s research activities and their implementation. Currently the RAY Network involves the National Agencies and their research partners from the following 29 countries: Austria, Belgium (Flemish-speaking community), Belgium (French-speaking community), Belgium (German-speaking community), Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

An open network

The RAY Network is open for new partners to join. Interested Erasmus+: Youth in Action National Agencies and research partners should contact the Institute of Educational Science at the University of Innsbruck for further information and advice, in particular also with respect to finding and involving research partners.


RAY contacts in all partner countries


Message from the RAY Network

Lynne Chisholm (1952-2015)

It is with deep sadness that we hear of the death of Lynne Chisholm on 1st March 2015. Lynne made a tremendous contribution to the youth field in Europe: through her research on youth, youth work and non-formal learning of young people; by providing her expertise, knowledge and wisdom to researchers, policy makers and practitioners in the youth field; by engaging in numerous initiatives, projects and committees in the interest of young people and the organizations and structures supporting them.

One of these initiatives was also the foundation of ‘Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of Youth in Action’ (RAY), a network of partners in now 29 countries in Europe, which studies the outcomes and processes of international youth projects: we are grateful for Lynne’s valuable contribution to the development and work of our network.

Lynne has inspired and motivated us and many other actors in the youth field, and she was a wonderful colleague, mentor, and a friend.

We will fondly remember her brilliant mind, her leadership, intellect, argumentation, energy, humour, wit and her love of life.

Helmut Fennes, Reet Kost and Ondrej Barta
on behalf of the RAY Network

Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of Erasmus+:Youth in Action