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Here you can find the latest news & highlights regarding our research findings, latest reports, upcoming RAY events & meetings, presentations at conferences, articles related to RAY…and much more!


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Cooperation between programme and neighbouring partner countries: RAY input at NA/SALTO staff meeting
A sneak peek from our project on the impact and potential of cooperation projects with neighbouring partner countries.
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Youth Research Dialogue on 8 April
Join us for our next Youth Research Dialogue on 8 April 'From young people’s green competences to future needs: Perspectives from the non-formal and formal learning fields.' More details about this episode HERE.
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Youth Research Dialogue on Inclusion and Diversity
Towards more inclusive youth programmes - Perspectives and Needs: We discussed this topic with two great speakers during our latest Youth Research Dialogue. Did you miss this episode? You can re-watch it here.
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1st Youth Research Dialoge 20 February Save The Date
Next Youth Research Dialogue on 5 March
SAVE THE DATE for our next dialogue - We will talk about the programme priority 'Inclusion & Diversity', related evidence-based insights, perspectives and needs. Towards more inclusive European youth programmes!
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Youth Research Dialogue: Empowering Tomorrow – Impact of the European youth programmes
The first Youth Research Dialogue in 2024 happened on 5 February. This episode is part of our RAY Monitoring Editions. You can rewatch the dialogue HERE.
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Impact, effects and competences: 1st Youth Research Dialogue in 2024
Our RAY Monitoring Editions - part of our Youth Research Dialogues - continue on 5 February. Join us for 'Empowering tomorrow - impact of Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps'.
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RAY Analysis Meeting, 10-12 December
Our first-ever RAY Analysis Meeting took place from 10-12 December in Iceland. We met with our national RAY researchers and explored RAY Monitoring data from Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps.
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RAY Monitoring Editions – Episode 2 on 29 November
Missed our last Youth Research Dialogue in 2023? Our RAY Monitoring Editions continued on 29 November with the topic 'In Beneficiaries' Shoes: Erasmus+ Youth Survey Journeys. Rewatch the dialogue here.
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5th Youth Research Dialogue Save The Date
Youth Research Dialogue: Survey journeys of Erasmus+ Youth beneficiaries
Our RAY Monitoring Editions continue on 29 November. Join this Youth Research Dialogue when we talk about survey journeys of Erasmus+ Youth beneficiaries. More & how to join HERE.
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OUT NOW – Survey on neigbouring partner countries
We have launched a new survey on neighbouring partner countries. What's your experience? Have you been involved or implemented a project with neighbouring partner countries? Then share your valuable insights - more here.
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RAY Triangular Summit May 2024
SAVE THE DATE! The RAY Triangular Summit will bring policy, practice and research together to discuss the evidence-based research from the latest RAY Monitoring surveys for Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps.
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4th Youth Research Dialogue Save The Date
Youth Research Dialogues – The RAY Monitoring editions started!
During our 4th Youth Research Dialogue on 31 October we discussed first exciting insights from the research on the monitoring of Erasmus+ youth. You can re-watch the episode here.
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