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The RAY network meets in various consortiums throughout Europe to further work on the research programme as well as organises and hosts open conferences and strategic meetings.

Network events & meetings

The RAY network meets once a year in order to discuss current research findings & develop further ideas and take decision on RAY activities
All RAY network meeting reports and related documents can be found in the internal area!

At the working group meetings of the different research strands, researchers and National Agency representatives meet to discuss, monitor and further develop the respective research projects.

The RAY Strategy Group – which consists of RAY partners (National Agency together with research partner) appointed by the network as well as members of the RAY Network Coordination (at FI NA) and the RAY Research Team (Youth Policy Labs / Genesis) – is additionally meeting twice a year.

Open conferences & seminars

RAY aims at contributing to cooperation and dialogue between research, policy and practice in the youth field.

From time to time, the RAY Network hosts open conferences, strategic seminars or international policy events, where not only RAY partners, but also stakeholders of the European youth (policy) field, researchers and policy makers can attend.

Furthermore, research results and findings are presented at various events of the European youth field an in the youth policy sector.

Upcoming Events

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4th Youth Research Dialogue on 14 December
Our last Youth Research Dialogue in 2021, will deal with the topic of innovation in European youth work and youth policy and how to support/strengthen it.
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SAVE the DATE – more Youth Research Dialogues
Our thematic online series of evidence-based youth research findings continues - join us for the third and the fourth Youth Research Dialogue. Dates can be found here!
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Open RAY conference & methodological seminar 2020
We had planned to organise a conference on 'Perspectives for Youth Research 2030' & a methodological seminar in 2020. Both have been postponed.
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Past Events

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Third Youth Research Dialogue on 8 November
On 8 November, we talked about youth participation and active citizenship within the European youth programmes as well as in a wider context.
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RAY Network Meeting & RAY PART Research Conference
Our annual RAY Network Meeting as well as the RAY PART Research Conference took place in September and October 2021. Further details can be found here.
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Online Panel – Recommendations for the next programme generation
We hosted an online panel and discussed recommendations & insights from our RAY research for the next programme generation.
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2nd Youth Research Dialogues on 7 September
On 7 September, we discussed insights from our research project, RAY Monitoring of Erasmus+. If you missed this Youth Research Dialogue, check out the recording.
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1st Youth Research Dialogue on 23 June
Thank you for joining the first episode of the Youth Research Dialogues series. Find out where you can access the live stream & what's next.
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The Impact Of The Corona Pandemic On Youth Work In Europe
Open online panel – ‘Youth and COVID-19’
On 24 September, the RAY Network held an online panel with the topic 'The impact of the Corona pandemic on youth work in Europe’. Check out all presentations here!
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RAY Network Meeting (internal event)
The RAY Network met on 24 and 25 September 2020. The meeting was held virtually & was hosted by the German NA / co-hosted by the RAY Coordination.
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RAY Triangular Summit /// 2018
‘Maximising potential: key insights from research for the renewed EU Youth Strategy and Programme’ has been held under the auspice of the Austrian EU Presidency.
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Long-term Effects on Participation & Citizenship
Conference under the patronage of Ms. Michaela Šojdrová, Member of the European Parliament, held from 22-25 May 2018 at the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France.
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Policy Event – Turbocharging Erasmus+ Youth in Action
Together with the Intergroup on Youth of the European Parliament, the RAY coordination held a policy event in the European Parliament, Brussels on 27 March 2018.
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RAY Triangular Summit /// 2017
The conference presented the latest research findings and exlored how these findings can contribute to youth work practice and youth policy development.
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RAY Triangular Summit /// 2015
The RAY Triangular Summit ‘International Youth Work and Mobility: Research evidence for policy and practice’ took place in Vienna, Austria on May 11-13, 2015.
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