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Live stream available!

Our 1st Youth Research Dialogue took place on 23 June

Thank you for joining the first episode of our newly established thematic online series of evidence-based youth research findings – the Youth Research Dialogues.

Our inaugural speakers Cristina Bacalso (Research Consultant Adolescents, Youth & Policies) & Andreas Karsten (RAY Transnational Research Team) presented insights and recent findings of studies related to our overall topic: How to strengthen the youth sector post-pandemic? (speaker details are below).

The heart of the episode was the dialogue between the two researchers, moderated by Tomi Kiilakoski, which was not only informative but also thought-provoking and ‘food’ for further discussions and actions.

A thank you also to Domagoj Morić who is responsible for the digital facilitation & visuals.

Live stream available
If you didn’t have the time to join or want to re-watch the Youth Research Dialogue again, check out our RAY Network Facebook page where you can access the live stream.


What’s next
Further episodes are planned in 2021 – most likely we will continue in autumn. Dates & topics will be announced on our RAY website (events and news sections).

See you next time!



Cristina Bacalso //Research Consultant Adolescents, Youth & Policies

Cristina Bacalso is a research consultant, with a specialisation in public policies for adolescent and youth development, youth participation, and advocacy. She has over 14 years of experience in policy and advocacy for young people. She will be discussing research methods from “Beyond lockdown – The ‘pandemic scar’ on young people” in her capacity as Associate for People, Dialogue and Change, who undertook this research on behalf of the European Youth Forum.

Andreas Karsten //RAY Transnational Research Team

Andreas Karsten works for Youth Policy Labs, a small research agency and think tank in the youth sector. He leads an international team of participatory research, public policy and open data aficionados, who work on transnational research with the RAY Network for the research-based analysis of European youth programmes. He will be providing a sneak peek into the most recent research of the RAY Network on the impact of the pandemic on youth work in Europe.

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