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RAY research colleagues met in Iceland…

…for the RAY Analysis Meeting

The first-ever RAY Analysis Meeting took place from 10 to 12 December 2023 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The meeting was organised, planned and implemented by the RAY Network Coordination (at the Finnish National Agency for Education, EDUFI) and the RAY Transnational Research Team. We are very grateful, that the Iceland National Agency (at Rannís) was supporting us with the planning and logistics.

The aims of the meeting were to provide time and space to discuss the datasets and first findings from the monitoring surveys of Erasmus+ Youth & European Solidarity Corps as well as to connect and reconnect RAY researchers.

Together we explored the transnational datasets for the monitoring surveys and optionally national datasets if research partners had the possibility to take a look prior to the meting. We discussed programme journeys of specific groups in both programmes, for example young people and youth workers. Furthermore, we also explored different topics, such as participation and inclusion aspects and related data as well as we talked about key differences between programme generations.

We adjusted the programme according to the needs of our researchers and our agenda was filled from discussing tools for analysis and technical aspects as well as providing enough time to brainstorm first ideas for future cooperation, e.g. regional collaborations between some research partners.

The meeting was visually supported by a graphic recorder – thank you Filippo and Sketchy Solutions ( –  you can find the output below.

Furthermore, impressions of the meeting can be found in the photo gallery.


What’s next

Our transnational research report featuring findings from both RAY monitoring surveys for Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps will be available in the first months of 2024.

Furthermore, we are discussing first findings in our Youth Research Dialogue series – more information HERE.

Research insights as well as other RAY activities are and will be also communicated on our social media channels: FacebookInstagramYouTube

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Analysis Sketch Pano
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Dsc 3200
Dsc 3202
Dsc 3203
Dsc 3206
Dsc 3208
Dsc 3209
Dsc 3212
Dsc 3217
Dsc 3222
Dsc 3225
Dsc 3228
Dsc 3229
Dsc 3230
Dsc 3231
Dsc 3237
Dsc 3239
Dsc 3241
Dsc 3242
Dsc 3258
Dsc 3259
Dsc 3265
Dsc 3267
Dsc 3270
Dsc 3272
Dsc 3274
Dsc 3282
Dsc 3287
Dsc 3292
Dsc 3300
Dsc 3304
Dsc 3305
Dsc 3308
Dsc 3311
Dsc 3315
Dsc 3320
Dsc 3332
Dsc 3334
Dsc 3336
Dsc 3340
Dsc 3342
Dsc 3344
Dsc 3349
Dsc 3352
Dsc 3359
Dsc 3360
Dsc 3362
Dsc 3367
Dsc 3372
Dsc 3374
Dsc 3377
Dsc 3378
Dsc 3380
Dsc 3384
Dsc 3389
Dsc 3393
Dsc 3400
Dsc 3402
Dsc 3404
Dsc 3414
Dsc 3419
Dsc 3423
Dsc 3430
Dsc 3432
Dsc 3435
Dsc 3436
Dsc 3437
Dsc 3447
Dsc 3453
Dsc 3457
Dsc 3460
Dsc 3468
Dsc 3470
Dsc 3479
Dsc 3482
Dsc 3486
Dsc 3492
Dsc 3502
Dsc 3505
Dsc 3508
Dsc 3510
Dsc 3512
Dsc 3527
Dsc 3529
Dsc 3532
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