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Research Report & Summary now available

Effects of Social Inequalities on Learning Outcomes

The present study explores how different dimensions of social inequality affect the individual learning outcomes of young people who participated in Erasmus+ Youth in Action projects, focusing on the development of skills for lifelong learning, particular related to participation in society and democratic life, intercultural interaction, learning and personal development. The respective learning outcomes were analysed with respect to educational inequality, employment inequality, inequality related to participation in civil society and democratic life, inequality resulting from migration or belonging to a minority, and inequality related to mobility, using objective and subjective indicators for these different dimensions of inequality.

The study is based on a secondary analysis of data collected through the RAY surveys between October 2017 and May 2018 within ‘Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of Erasmus+ Youth in Action’ (RAY-MON). It was co-funded within the Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) of Erasmus+ Youth in Action and by SALTO Inclusion & Diversity.

The research report, a summary as well as a factsheet are now avaible on our website.

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