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Our series continued on 21 October

Changing realities: how to research digital youth work in the future

On 21 October we hosted our 4th Youth Research Dialogue this year, which was part of our thematic online series of evidence-based youth research findings.

Our topic, which we discussed with Juha Kiviniemi (Verke, Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work in Finland) and Friedemann Schwenzer (RAY transnational research team), was ‘Changing realities: how to research digital youth work in the future’.

This episode aimed at a future-oriented dialogue, focusing on needs and challenges of research on digital youth work in the European context.

Moderation was done by Tomi Kiilakoski & digital facilitation by Domagoj Morić.


Live stream available
If you didn’t have the time to join or want to re-watch the Youth Research Dialogue again, just access the recording of the live stream here:


What’s next
Our next episode will take place on 28 November – more information HERE as well as on our RAY social media channels.


See you soon!


>> Juha Kiviniemi, Verke, Centre of Expertise for Digital Youth Work in Finland

Juha Kiviniemi is a digital youth work expert currently working for Verke, the national centre for expertise on Digital youth work in Finland. He is in his happy place when implementing technology into youth work in creative ways or whenever policy and practice need bridging. Current interests include exploring the implementation of the digital priority of the European youth programmes and on the practice side the implications and potential of AI-generated art for youth work.


>> Friedemann Schwenzer (RAY transnational research team)

Friedemann Schwenzer has a background in cultural studies. At Youth Policy Labs, a small research agency and think tank in the youth sector, he works at the intersections of youth work and research. He is co-author of a curriculum on digital youth work. As part of the RAY transnational research team, his focus is on digitalization within the European youth field.

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