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Data snapshot RAY COR & upcoming reports for other RAY research strands

Have you wondered what’s going on with our RAY Corona research project?

We are currently producing a data snapshot for the second, multilingual survey of the RAY project on the impact of the Corona pandemic on youth work in Europe with all responses until the end of January. Additionally, we are also working on an updated literature scan and review. Both will become available in the second half of February.

The second, multilingual survey – available in 25 languages – is still open! Link to the survey: you for your contribution!


Upcoming reports for RAY MON, RAY INNO & RAY LEARN

Research-based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+ Youth in Action: The RAY MON data and research report for the survey cycle 2019/2020 will be published in the coming days.

Research project on the impact, role and potential of the strategic partnerships and cooperation in Erasmus+ Youth in Action (Key Action 2): In RAY INNO, we are working on a literature review on how innovation is supported in other fields, exploring how we can learn from these experiences. The transnational analysis is almost finalised as well, and will be published in March.

Research project on strategies and practices for organisational development and learning of organisations and networks in the European youth sector: In RAY-LEARN, we are finalising the interim transnational analysis, which we will publish at the beginning of March.

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