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Youth Research Dialogues – next episode

Join us on 7 September

Update: check out our speakers below & link for the live stream


And our series continues… here comes our 2nd Youth Research Dialogue:

WHAT? 7 INSIGHTS from 7 YEARS of RESEARCH – Impact of Erasmus+ Youth

WHEN? 7 September, 15:00 – 15:35 CEST

WHO? Margareta Gregurović // Research Associate

Margareta Gregurović is a research associate at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies in Zagreb, and RAY researcher since 2016. She has over 17 years of experience in international research (e.g., OECD PISA and TALIS) with a specific focus on social inequalities and vulnerable groups of young people (especially migrants and low SES). Using the Croatian example, she will be discussing the 7-years shift in the effects of Erasmus+ Youth on the project leaders and participants.

Andreas Karsten //RAY Transnational Research Team

Andreas Karsten works for Youth Policy Labs, a small research agency and think tank in the youth sector. He leads an international team of participatory research, public policy and open data aficionados, who work on transnational research with the RAY Network for the research-based analysis of European youth programmes. He will be providing 7 insights from 7 years of transnational RAY research of Erasmus+ Youth (in Action).

WHERE? open live stream, which can be followed here:


Moderated by Tomi Kiilakoski and Domagoj Morić


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What is the RAY research project on the evidence-based analysis and monitoring of Erasmus+ Youth (in Action)?

This research project aimed to explore a broad scope of aspects of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme (2014-2020) in order to contribute to practice development, to improving the implementation of Erasmus+ Youth programme and to the development of the next programme generation.

The research design was based on multilingual online surveys (currently in 29 languages) with actors involved in projects founded through the Erasmus+ Youth programme. Project participants and project leaders/team members were invited to participate in these surveys between two and ten months after the end of their project.

The research project will continue within the new programme generation of Erasmus+ Youth with the next survey cycle starting in 2022, as a joint activity of all RAY Network partners.

Further information and reading on RAY MON can be found HERE.


What are the Youth Research Dialogues?

The overall aim of the ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series is to not only to make RAY research findings more accessible but also other European youth research studies and create a dialogue between researchers about their findings. The ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series will promote different topics, e.g. inclusion and diversity, pandemic and youth work, digitalisation etc.

In addition to researchers from the RAY Network, the ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series will feature research colleagues from different global and European contexts and networks.

The Youth Research Dialogue series is addressed to the European youth sector and participation will be possible through a livestream, and the recorded video can also be watched after the live event.

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