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RAY DIGI Data Protection Form (parents)

If you made it to this page, your child has been invited by the transnational RAY research team to take part in a focus group about experiences with digital youth work. In order to let your child participate, please read this data protection page in full and use the form at the end to declare that you have read it and that you give your consent for the RAY Network to process your and your child’s data for the purpose of carrying out RAY research on the terms explained below.


Who is collecting your data?

The transnational team of the RAY Network is the controller and processor of your and your child’s personal data. You may contact the transnational team of the RAY Network at:

Youth Policy Labs

Gerichtstraße 23,

13347 Berlin

Or you may contact one of the following members of the transnational research team by email:

  • Andrea Horta (
  • Andreas Karsten (
  • Friedemann Schwenzer ( )

In case these contact details should ever become obsolete, you can find updated contact details to reach the transnational team of the RAY Network in the RAY Network’s website (


What data do we collect?

The categories of personal data you are being asked to consent to the RAY Network’s collection and use are:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your child’s name
  • Your child’s email address
  • Your child’s opinions and other information shared during the focus group

The RAY Network may share your and your child’s data with third parties (e.g. software provider) for the purpose of RAY DIGI research or research within another thematic study of the RAY Network and in accordance with the GDPR.


What do we collect these data for?

Your and your child’s personal data will be used strictly for the purpose of conducting youth research within the RAY Network’s thematic projects.


What do we do to protect personal data?

The registers are maintained and protected through different technical and organisational measures. We ensure that our system is fault tolerant and that it is possible to recover data. These protection measures include access control, physical access control, technical solutions such as firewalls, and password protection. These measures enable access to the stored data only for named employees of the RAY Network transnational research team and for service providers.


What legal rights do you have?

You have a legal right to inspect what data we have collected about you. You also have the right to demand that incorrect, incomplete, unnecessary or outdated personal data be corrected or removed.

You can exercise your rights by contacting the transnational team of the RAY Network in the manner described at the beginning of this notice.


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