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New Recovery Survey!

How accessible and relevant are the recovery programmes for youth work across Europe?


In 2021, 51% of the youth workers and youth leaders RAY surveyed across Europe stated that their support had been inadequate.

Now that the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility is in place – as well as many national, regional and local recovery programmes – we want to hear from youth workers and youth leaders across Europe.


Our new multilingual Youth Work Recovery Survey, available in 20 languages, addresses the following questions:

>> Where & how are recovery programmes helping?

>> Where is youth work falling trough the cracks?

>> What recovery needs are most pressing for you?

>> What needs to happen to help you best?


Do you have 10 minutes? Then help us and respond to the survey via this link:

Or support us by sharing the survey within your networks and with your colleagues and friends.


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Thank you 💙💛

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