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Beyond recovery

Our Youth Research Dialogues will continue on 27 June with a special edition.

The upcoming episode will be part of the follow-up process of the Youth Work Recovery Conference, which took place from 13-16 June in Helsinki. We will hear about the whole process, including preparation, implementation and follow-up. We speak about aims of and the framework for the conference as well as outcomes and next steps for finalising the Beyond recovery action plan and ideas for disseminating and sharing the results.

In this special edition we won’t invite guest speakers, as usual, but instead we will have a dialogue with colleagues from the team who were involved in the preparation and implementation of the conference.



Beyond recovery: Rebuilding youth work’s foundation


27 June, 15:00 – 15:45 CEST


Members of the Youth Work Recovery Conference Team:

>>Ajsa Hadzibegovic (facilitator, frankly speaking)

>>Andreas Karsten (RAY transnational research team)

>>Carmen Teubl (RAY Network Coordination/Finnish National Agency for Education)


Livestream, which can be followed here:

(link is not accessible yet)

Moderated by

Tomi Kiilakoski and Domagoj Morić


What is the Youth Work Recovery Conference?

The Youth Work Recovery Conference will bring policy, practice and research together and discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and crisis on the field of youth work (and its respective actors) across Europe.  The conference plans to formulate action plans for relevant actors aiming on how to improve, strengthen and widen the post-pandemic support and development of youth work across Europe.

Further information can be found HERE.

What are the Youth Research Dialogues?

The overall aim of the ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series is to not only to make RAY research findings more accessible but also other European youth research studies and create a dialogue between researchers about their findings. The ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series  promotes different topics, e.g. inclusion and diversity, pandemic and youth work, digitalisation etc.

In addition to researchers from the RAY Network, the ‘Youth Research Dialogues’ series  features research colleagues from different global and European contexts and networks.

The Youth Research Dialogue series is addressed to the European youth sector and participation will be possible through a livestream, and the recorded video can also be watched after the live event.

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