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Beyond recovery

On 27 June, we continued our Youth Research Dialogue series with a special edition by discussing the topic ‘Beyond recovery: Rebuilding youth work’s foundation’.

The episode was part of the follow-up process for the Youth Work Recovery Conference, which took place from 13-16 June in Helsinki. Team members who were involved in the preparation and implementation of the conference – Ajsa Hadzibegovic (facilitator), Andreas Karsten (RAY transnational research team) and Carmen Teubl (RAY Network Coordination/Finnish National Agency for Education) – discussed the aims of the conference and the process behind the implementation. Furthermore, outcomes, next steps and ideas for disseminating and sharing the results, were presented.

The dialogue was enriched by questions from the audience as well as the great moderation by Tomi Kiilakoski and Domagoj Moric.


Live stream available
If you didn’t have the time to join or want to re-watch the Youth Research Dialogue again, just access the recording of the live stream here:


What’s next

  • Our next episode will take place in autumn –  the date, topic and speakers will be announced on our RAY website and related RAY social media channels. See you soon!
  • If you want to find out more about the outcomes of the Youth Work Recovery Conference, check out our website in the next days, as we will publish an article soon!

What is the Youth Work Recovery Conference?

The Youth Work Recovery Conference brought policy, practice and research together in order to discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and crisis on the field of youth work (and its respective actors) across Europe. The conference formulated action plans for relevant actors aiming on how to improve, strengthen and widen the post-pandemic support and development of youth work across Europe.

Further information can be found HERE.

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