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Here you can find the latest news & highlights regarding our research findings, latest reports, upcoming RAY events & meetings, presentations at conferences, articles related to RAY…and much more!


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Yrd Outro
Youth Research Dialogues in 2023 – SAVE THE DATE
SAVE THE DATE for our first Youth Research Dialogue in 2023. Our thematic online series will continue with new topics and interesting dialogues and discussions by our RAY researchers and guest speakers.
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Yrd Background (6)
5th Youth Research Dialogue on organisational learning
Our 5th Youth Research Dialogue took place on 28 November. This was the last episode in 2022, but we will continue with the series in 2023. In case you have missed this one, find out how to re-watch it here.
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1 Yrd 2022
Next Youth Research Dialogue on 28 November
Join us for our 5th Youth Research Dialogue this year, which will take place on 28 November. We will speak about organisational learning and discuss how to foster it in non-formal and formal settings. See you there.
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Yrd 4
How to research digital youth work in the future?
Missed our fourth Youth Research Dialogue on 21 October or want to dive into the discussion again? More information on this episode, the topic, our speakers and how to re-watch the dialogue, can be found here.
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Ray Meeting Prague29.9 61
Panel: Youth work in times of crises & youth research
On 29 September, the RAY Network hosted a panel discussion on youth work in times of crises with experts coming from policy, practice and research. In case you have missed or want to re-watch it, you can do so here!
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Youth Research Dialogue & how to research digital youth work
Our next Youth Research Dialogue takes place on 21 October. Join us for this episode where we will discuss the topic of 'Changing realities: how to research digital youth work in the future'.
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Action Plan Insta
Beyond recovery: CALL FOR ACTION
OUT NOW! Five actions for helping European youth work to recover - the Beyond Recovery Call for Action is the final outcome of the Youth Work Recovery Conference on European level - it is time for ACTION!
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Header Panel Discussion 290922
Panel discussion: Youth work in times of crises and the role of youth research
Join us for our panel discussion on youth work in times of crises with experts coming from policy, practice and research. When? 29 September at 11:15 CEST! More information here.
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Jtp58118 Edit Gigapixeliin Edit
Youth Work Recovery Conference, 13-16 June 2022
130 participants from practice, policy and research met in Helsinki to discuss the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on youth work and develop actions for support. Outcomes and next steps can be found HERE!
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Beyond recovery – our Youth Research Dialogue on 27 June
Missed our latest Youth Research Dialogue episode? Find out more & re-watch this special edition, which discussed 'Beyond recovery: Rebuilding youth work’s foundation’, here.
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Special Edition: Youth Research Dialogue on 27 June
Join us for this special edition of our Youth Research Dialogue series. On 27 June, we will hear from the Youth Work Recovery Conference, especially about the outcomes - the developed actions plans - and next steps.
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Instagram Survey Launch 20220510 10
NEW Youth Work Recovery Survey!
Youth workers and youth leaders across Europe - your voice and experience matters! Help us by responding & by sharing our new 10 minute multilingual survey, available in 17 languages. You can find out how & further information here.
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